Method to connect a subwoofer with a stereo without an amp in a car

Everybody will like to hear songs particularly when they travel they will love to hear songs. If you are traveling in your vehicle you will like to have the volume of the music up and enjoy the song with the atmosphere.

The speakers that are set in the car will not give you that much volume in that case you can connect the subwoofer with the stereo of the car. You can even connect a subwoofer to a car stereo without an amp and you have to do some of the works for it.


  • An amp is needed to collect the sound and make them travel in a narrow path but in this case, if you do not have an amp you can connect the sub with the stereo.
  • The subwoofer will be of different kinds you can pick for the one that you are searching for. You have to know about what work will they do.
  • In the market you can find a lot of subs finding the best among them will be a challenging job but it is your work to pick for the right one.
  • Before you start to purchase you have to know about the product at least you should have a basic knowledge about it so that it will be easy for you when you buy them.
  • The subwoofer will help you to produce a lot of sounds and this can be connected without the help of an amp to the stereo. If you are not known about the procedures, you can get help from the expert who can guide you in the right way and you have to follow according to that.


  • If you feel like nobody will be able to help you in the right way, then you can help yourself by checking with Google that will give you the best result and also that will instruct you by every step which you can understand clearly and execute them while you work with it.
  • The subwoofer will give you the best sound effect they will collect the scattered music in one path and give out the sound in a narrow way in which more volume can be produced. This is how you can wire a subwoofer without an amp.

Bottom line

Before you get into work you have to know about how well they work and then you can install a subwoofer in a car without an amp, so that the final product will be the best.

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